Archangel for Each Friday

image of an angel in white robes


With every Friday I find the grace of God in the form of true love.

Archangel Anael ignites romance with the serenity of a white dove.  

His affection inspires virtue with harmony for an abundant life,

As the angel most often invoked he gives inner peace to deter strife. 

Archangel Anael overcomes shyness, granting confidence to those redeemed,

Within a fiery chariot he carries me and all others highly esteemed.  

My long-term career acquires status as through him I’m recognized, 

For my creativity improving the world beyond what I ever realized.   

The prophet Enoch reached heaven upon Archangel Anael’s upward heave,

And if I practice patience, the glorious gift of passion I also will receive.

When he visits, artists and musicians find solace for their inspiration,

Because the beauty from the grace of God spreads everywhere in creation.

A Puzzled Groundhog Means Romance

image of an owl in a palm tree

Photo: Barred Owl by J. Wilder Bill

Happy Ground Hog’s Day!

For anyone puzzled, I don’t have a photograph of a groundhog. That’s a picture of a barred owl. The little fellow sets the mood, just as well as any other wildlife animal. Like the groundhog, owls at my house let me know what to expect from the weather.

I’m not the only person who improvises with the early Christian Candlemas Holiday. The concept began with preachers passing blessing candles they passed around the congregation. It was the townspeople who decided whether or not a shadow appeared as the candles burned.

In early Germany, Candlemas was celebrated alongside animals, and eventually the flame of candles weren’t the determining factor. The tradition shifted to observing the animals’ behavior in planning spring activities. The Germans who settled in Pennsylvania relied on the behavior of the many hedgehogs living in the area. All wildlife, including birds, insects and mammals, react to the sunlight, and we can pick February 2 as the decisive date. The wildlife notices the nuances in nature, and their instincts guide them on how to plan their time throughout February and March.

In the old country, farmers relied on the intuition of hedgehogs and badgers. If the critters saw their shadows at the harvest celebration, it meant winter still lingered in the air.

Then again, if the badger eagerly dashed out of its home, it was letting the farmers’ know the season for frozen grounds and sparse resources was over. The key signal the animals follow revolves around an intense sunlight at the end of winter being too bright to cast a shadow in the morning. Sunny skies heated the ground and melted the reflective snow.

The significance to farmers in having sunlight on February 2 determined when they could transition from a survival plan for the cold season to the period of new growth. Their ability to time how many weeks they needed to ration the grains and vegetables they kept on reserve translated into survival. The number of remaining cold days determined when the earth would thaw and farmers could begin churning the soil for the next season’s crop.

The warmer weather let the farm animals know when to start smooching. With their food sources becoming easy to access, they could support a larger number in their animal family, same as the farmers.

With the global changes, understanding our environment is as critical to our survival today as it was for our primitive ancestors. You don’t have to travel to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and stand among tens of thousands of frozen tourists to witness a critter’s instinctive reaction to the climate. At the infamous ground hog’s hole, a man in a top hat tosses a hundred year-old groundhog named, Phil, through a hole filled with electric heat. Little Phil predicts the future.

Anywhere on the globe, you can venture outside before sunrise in time to interpret nature’s hints about the coming months. If you study the trees and discover droopy leaves, you can expect a rainy season this spring. Where the buds are barely visible, you can plan for a floral Easter. Bountiful leaves flourish where a few cold days may come but the worst of winter is over, but the sky will likely be overcast for a few weeks.

For city dwellers, manmade structures are a haven for tiny climbers and birds. Where critters stay close to buildings, and resist venturing into the sidewalks and traffic, they are still relying on the manmade warmth and the ground temperature is remaining low for a while. If rodents or birds build homes in your interior walls and attic space, they likely are unable to find water outside, which translates into additional cold days.

Aside from pigeons and crows, flying overhead, an active bird life reveals an early spring. They are able to find food in the trees and plants. Resources, such as inspects, become active once the cold drought has finished.

If you also are in an area where you hear birds singing to each other, and your pet dog lingers outside the door with his nose tipped into the wind, head straight to the gym. Beach season and pool parties will come early that year.

For anyone who goes outside to stillness and quiet, with no inspects buzzing around your head and little chirping from the treetops, you can expect six more weeks of wearing fuzzy clothes, those adorable boots, and layering for your chic moods. If the ground hog runs and hides, consider this a wonderful time to plan a cozy Valentine’s celebration in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies. With football season coming to an end, now is a smart time to reconnect with hugs and snuggles.

This year, the ground hog was puzzled by the sunlight. He has only predicted an early spring eighteen times, and this year he didn’t change his impulse to avoid the outdoors until the end of March. As for us Groundhog’s Day observers, we can rest assured in Phil heeding us to grab those blankets and wear thick socks for six more weeks.

Archangel for Each Wednesday

image of angel in green robe


Wednesdays are the special day for chatting with a chummy friend.

Shining Archangel Raphael loves fun and travel to any distant land.

He responds to wounded humans, healing illness and disease.

In the image of a serpent, he removes pain with simple ease.


The golden Archangel Raphael is named God has healed,

He presenting a text to Noah related to the medical field.

His visit to Abraham bestowed great virtues to his name,

Guiding those repented up from the underworld gave him fame.


Archangel Raphael sends God’s blessings when heartfelt I pray.

His presence in conversations changes sorrow into a joyful day.

He shares knowledge of the sciences and aids pilgrims heading west,

As he watches over my doings, I know my safety is at its best.

One Man, a Heavenly Dream

image of the Lorraine Hotel at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. museum

Photo: Lorraine Hotel, Memphis by J. Wilder Bill

It takes one voice to bring Heaven to the globe we share. As much as we carve out territories and erect picket fences, containing space is impossible. One voice carries truth in every direction and to all walks of life.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. woke from his last dream in Memphis, Tennessee, the Delta where my dreams began. As I sit a thousand miles away, there is little notice of this national holiday but at the place of his assassination on the anniversary of his death, folks from all across the country make a sojourn to the Lorraine Hotel.

It’s a royal affair with the pilgrims wearing their finest feathered hats, elaborate dresses, and fur coats. Every walk of life drives with their headlights on. Folks who don’t typically have a reason to talk wave and honk to each other as they pass. For decades, a woman lived in a cardboard box outside the hotel, making a statement.

Dr. King’s early death symbolizes a dream cut short from ripening into completion. While his poetry gives African Americans the confidence to be accepted by their peers, his message does not deliver them beyond a limited concept of equality.

Glancing through the United States Census Bureau reports, I see the steady 23% climb from the 1960s to the present in the number of African Americans who earn a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. Yet, according to the Bureau, African Americans earn the lowest annual income. I get it, their people are suppressed because they don’t have the privileges others enjoy. But what exactly does that mean?

A large majority of millionaires, according to Statista, are of Caucasian descent. Oftentimes, first generation immigrants of non Western European ancestry consider themselves to be white.

Forbes lists more than 10% of millionaires in the U.S. as first generation immigrates. As a matter of fact, it’s not just African Americans who miss out. Immigrants become entrepreneurs at double the rate of residents born in the U.S. The Bureau reports 8% of the millionaire population are African Americans, born and raised in on their turf.

The successes or failures a person experiences is a reflection of his mindset – the image he has about himself. Self image creates road blocks that can be eliminated by his perceiving himself as capable of reaching certain goals and filling a chosen image.

If someone doesn’t find a value in opportunities, his self perceived image will override his ability to take that next step toward his goal. The New York Post provides that minorities accepted into colleges under an affirmative action program are less likely to graduate. California eradicated its affirmative action plan in 1996, and the percentage of minorities who stayed in college and earned their degrees doubled.

An article by the Technology Innovation Management Review stresses the significance in how a person perceives the value of what he receives. An individual might desire the value of attending college, or even the more basic needs of receiving food and shelter. His perceived value is his expectation of what the product, service or education will provide to him – how it will change his life. A critical element of the value is the “emotional payoff and achievement of a goal or desire.”

Receiving something for free or without having to provide anything in return causes the recipient to asses the product, service or shelter, as having a lower value. Having a thing that has no value leaves the recipient feeling unfulfilled, and essentially lowers his self confidence.

Not only the results of receiving the item or service provide a value. The recipient needs the fulfillment of providing something in exchange for the product, service or education in order to determine what its value is, in order to gain a sense of achievement in meeting that goal of earning the item or service. The value is determined before and after receiving.

How many gifts have you discarded? How often have you loaned something to a relative or friend, only to have it returned damaged or never returned, at all?

The next step in achieving Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream is for our education system to incorporate self esteem courses beginning in elementary school. While Dr. King is an inspiration to today’s leaders in continuing his social progress, today’s speakers are spreading the same message he shared over forty years ago. The social climate has changed, and the cause to generate progress is not at the same road block. With a different issue at hand, the solution has changed, as well.

Dr. King’s spoken dreams are realized. We have this day to recognize the good in where our society is in the present moment. Still, this holiday signifies our time for a new approach. If Dr. King had lived to a ripe age, his message would have shifted to meet our current level of humanitarian growth in our global goal to assimilate Heaven on Earth.

It is right for minorities to apply the thoughts and visualizations with an intention to view themselves as achieving their goals independently. They have the capacity and strengths and talents to accomplish their dreams. They deserve the confidence gained through the fulfillment of an achievement. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived the life of a man with the confidence to share his image, and to believe in African Americans receiving the benefit of his confidence.

Archangel for Each Tuesday

image of stain glass window of Archangel Chamuel

Photo & Artwork: Archangel Chamuel by Florence Camm

On the afternoons of Tuesdays, he who sees as God is on my mind,

As God’s favorite, Archangel Camael gives tolerance ‘cause’s he’s kind.

When my thoughts begin to wander and my heart desires more,

Through him I find justice to right wrongs and to divert any pending war.


I reach out to Archangel Camael for added love in my relations,

Whether it is my friends, family, or even enemies needing my celebrations.

Forgiveness arrives as he sends understanding as the root of my life,

My career conflicts dissolve when I release to him my every strife.


He appears like a cautious leopard, crouched on barren rocks,

Wrestling all the sins of darkness by pulling Jacob’s locks.

He meticulously aligns the planets and in perfect timing he provides,

Solutions to my frustrations when I’m willing to accept a compromise.


Archangel Camael granted Jesus courage on His crucifixion eve,

His persistence and strength ease troubled thoughts that I sometimes conceive.

Sweet tingles signify his presence when he gently begins to glide,

I feel butterflies in my stomach, announcing he’s at my side.

Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

image of aero-ballerina at Du Pont Registry for cars

Photo: Concourse d’Elegance duPont Registry by J. Wilder Bill

A dream. That’s where it all started for so many of us and that’s often where it all ended, unless you possessed the drive of an automobile. At the Concourse d’Elegance in Winter Park, Florida, I met three guys with enough motivation to transmute an interest in cars into fame and income.

Two men created the series, Car Show Television. 

Meet Andrew McClary and Alex Berry – two buddies who spent their leisure time admiring vintage and rare vehicles at car shows. The car industry wasn’t only about persistent salesmen and vacant showrooms. Practically every weekend, somewhere out there sleek models giggled and posed for poster style photos with car lovers. Famous entrepreneurs discussed ways to improve the planet by modifying engines. Friends who loved breathtaking settings at cozy airports full of glamorous private jets and aerobatic dancers serving champagne from chandeliers got gussied up to chitchat in the midst of the bright lights. Thrill seekers enjoyed riding actual race cars with legendary professional drivers behind the wheels.

Like so many dreamers, Andrew decided to replace his work with his passion. But how did he go about turning joy into gold? Andrew’s career revolved around the production industry. He produced and designed websites for television, and created reenactment scenes for trials. His architectural education gave him an understanding of the machinery. As a matter of fact, he is also an inventor of a model electric car.

His desire – create a car television show with features that get up close and personal with the vehicles. He wanted to give viewers the opportunity to appreciate the amount of work that goes into restoring a diamond in the rough. Those dreamy vintage vehicles oftentimes were forgotten in dumpsites or even at the bottom of a lake for decades. Many are one of two in existence, and one of five ever produced. Famous 1930s movie stars owned some cars and famous first-timers who did things such as flew long distances in airplanes and created animated movies. When walking in the shade of the trees through a grassy park full of vintage automobiles, it was common to pass by the one vehicle used to invade a country, or featured in a classic film, but unless someone took the time to present the unique information to the public, the stories were forgotten and a piece of history disappeared.

His friend and fellow car enthusiast, Alex Berry, motivated Andrew’s dream. Alex had a dream as well, and his revolved around the human interest story behind passion and hard labor. He wanted to share the excitement of the car owners by asking questions. Who were the past owners? What places had the car seen? Where had the car been? He loved listening to owners eagerly explain how they researched the original paint color and what gimmicks they had to configure in order to get the out of production parts to work properly, after years of rust eroded the pieces. Alex wanted to allow viewers to get to know the owners on an intimate level. Not all car enthusiasts were wealthy. Some were dedicated to keeping what were once innovative inventions alive. Many were regular guys who materialized their dreams of salvaging the art in machinery.

How could Alex satisfy his curiosity? Alex’s background was also based on the production industry. As the senior producer of multiple television shows, he understood how to materialize their concept for viewers. Thanks to his many years of working with Fortune 500 companies, Alex had the “in” with finding sponsors. Alex picked up a camera and shifted his admiration into recording stories about the amount of time and energy, heart and soul, that went into restoring a vehicle, into preserving history. To Alex, every car had a story to tell.

The result – Car Show Television originated on Their skills and passion were combined with dedication. Shortly after airing, Alex and Andrew started riding high. They captured a wide market that included vintage car buffs and general car enthusiasts. Children got excited at seeing unique cars as well as teenagers who couldn’t wait to earn their freedom. Car Show Television was picked up by cable television and was broadcast on The Auto Channel – WHDT – in South Florida, and continued to air via their website.

Another dreamer hosts a different series, Chasing Classic Cars.

The car business wasn’t too crowded for another dreamer with a sense of reality. Wayne Carini, a car restorer whose fascination for Ferraris started at the age of nine had stardom in his sight. His most recent mega-million dollar venture included hosting Chasing Classic Cars.

His dream was to surround himself with the finest and most elite vehicles in the world. According to Wayne, his job included traveling across the country and abroad to meet with clients. Those clients, as he casually referred to them, were the wealthiest individuals of fine taste who only drive the most elite vehicles created.

In his travels, Wayne gathered a nifty car collection of his own, with the Ferrari always remaining close to his heart. He rose to the top quickly, and was clever enough to continually reinvent himself. Chasing Classic Cars wasn’t Wayne’s first appearance on television. His desire was to introduce his inner circle of top dogs and their high performance autos to the world.

He features celebrities and entrepreneurs with the ease of your closest relative sitting down for a holiday dinner beside the fireplace. His lofty personal relations afforded him the grace of getting viewers into the private settings of the elite car owners’ garages. You can view the warmest, most engaging rich guy on the planet at

Love Your Dream, Live Your Love

What these three men have in common is goodwill in their dreams. They share a laidback style in connecting with us regular folks who are car enthusiasts. Each is conversational, and inviting. They sit down over lunch and ask what you think and what experiences have you enjoyed with automobiles.

Bonding with the average man just for the sake of sharing an interest is an expression of love. Having a curiosity about another’s quest for joy is an ingredient for loving life.

Archangel for Each Monday

image of angel with banner

Messages are sent on Mondays through the hum of a trumpet sound,

Delivered by Archangel Gabriel instilling skill that does astound.

As I affirm, God is my strength, her mercy dilutes my fright,

Her voice in creative arts inspires hope and brings insight.


Archangel Gabriel holds a flame, governing Eden’s hidden gate.

She dictated the Koran and announced the importance of Jesus’ fate,

Overseeing family adoptions and providing prophecies to believers like me.

She witnessed the resurrection and upon last judgment she’ll pull me free.


Archangel Gabriel wears rich garments and reads from a blessed scroll,

She appears in a blue halo with full intentions to advance my soul.

Her touch upon escorting me from Heaven down to this world,

Marks my upper lip, where I relay her messages through tongue uncurled.

What is Gratitude Really All About?

photo of J. Wilder Bill when a child with her kitten

Photo: J. Wilder Bill by her favorite sister

When looking for love, it’s useful to know the power of gratitude. If it sounds as though I’m implying one can ramp up the love factor in his life by being thankful for what little he has, that is exactly what I mean.

Those moments when you felt warm and cuddly inside, when you couldn’t resist falling asleep before bedtime, are the times you connected to your peace of mind and the universal consciousness of love. You also disconnected from your self-destructive nature.

Modern gurus encourage us to be thankful as a means for overcoming our inner demons but such a vague objective can leave us with a sense of void until we understand the magnetic impact appreciation invokes. Take for instance, inspirational writer, Dale Carnegie’s suggestion to “… be grateful for what you have to be thankful for instead of complaining about the little things that annoy you.”

I invite you to imagine with me, my childhood evenings when a storm unexpectedly disconnected our electricity. Initially, surprise sets in. All the neighbors congregate outside to visit while hoping the lights will be restored quickly, but when they don’t, we return to our homes to strategize what how best to handle the situation. What is a person to do at eight o’clock at night in the freezing, pitch dark? Go to sleep, perhaps. Or then again, get creative.

My parents took us to the store for supplies and an opportunity to access a facility with a generator pumping heat into our lives. Once we realized the world wasn’t going to end, seeing how other folks would be out and about exploring the new landscape of broken tree branches covered in icicles among absolute darkness. The lack of comfort created an adventure and the opportunity to enjoy ourselves, and whether we intended to or not, we began to be thankful for humanity.

My enthusiasm piqued as we picked out activities to do without electricity. My mom taught me how to crochet beside the fireplace during a winter storm. Crossword puzzles provided friendly family challenges. Slightly burnt pan-roasted popcorn, chocolate and marshmallows warmed on the tips of coat hangers, and a foot pedal sewing machine gave the icy, dark nights a loving touch. My parents allowed us kids the opportunity to savor favorite imperishable foods typically avoided, all under the premise of cozying up with family and pets for intellectually stimulating tasks.

By complaining less, we open our hearts and thoughts to receiving blessings. Dwelling on the negative aspects of your surroundings is in invitation for your mind to explore additional unhappy experiences. I notice this phenomena oftentimes when I believe I’ve come up with an original idea, something like naming my children. I spent months searching every map, history book, and movie credit with a goal to find a meaningful and unique name for the special souls who found their way into my home. I referenced how common my choice names were, and in which eras and locations they were used, ensuring no one on the planet had the same names. Low and behold, as soon as the names became official, I noticed dozens of people who use them.

Such a happening where at first you think you alone came across rare information or ideas only to see them repeatedly thereafter, is known as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. This theory relies on the brain’s ability to recognize patterns as a means to digest information and learn. Whether the patterning of being aware of specific words and events in life is due to coincidence or our intuition, the sensation leaves us with an overwhelming satisfaction and awe due to our ability to attract what interests and appeals to us for our current quest for knowledge.

The authors and editors of the Holy Bible considered gratitude to have such essential power for our spiritual growth, they provided explanations more than once in both the Old and New Testaments. “Give thanks in all circumstances’ for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 136:1.

Gratitude ties into love. When you crave love, the fastest way to gain that golden warmth in your chest is through your state of mind. Not to say you need to change in order to be a better person who deserves to receive love, and never to suggest difficult paths force you to elude love. It’s a matter of signaling the world to give you the things you emphasize, the situations that mirror what you think about most. Paraphrasing Gautama Buddha, “Disillusioned men never appreciate kindness shown them, but wise men are grateful. Wise men express their appreciation and gratitude by returning kindness, not only to their benefactor, but to the world at large.”

Thankfulness creates a shift in your way of thinking. The change of your thought patterns drives you toward the situations in life you want to experience. You draw what you desire closer to you by focusing on the feelings that you would enjoy if you already gained what you want. Dale Carnegie pushed for us all to attain our goals, which we devise in our continuing efforts to gain more peace, in saying:

“Remember, happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think. So, start each day by thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for. Your future will depend very largely on the thoughts you think today. So, think of thoughts of hope and confidence and love and success.”

The invocation for gratitude isn’t a rule imposed on us because breaking rules is irresistible for so many. The suggestion takes into account the messages we send the universal consciousness, because wise men are aware no request goes unanswered. No matter how outlandish your wishes seem, the asking by you occurs in those moments you either complain or appreciate.

The angels and protective guide are merely messages to the Divine Source where creation begins. They don’t translate the hidden meanings behind your words of aggravation. Their job is to sing praise on your behalf no matter what attitude or tone you transmit. You, me, each of us, possesses the power to relay our wishes, which are always fulfilled. Therefore, we each are in control. These gifts of free will are worthy of our gratitude in every moment of our experience.