Tips to Make Love Blossom

The Ibis is best known as the last bird to leave before a hurricane is arrives, and the first bird to return when the storm is over. They are associated with Egypt, which makes them seem exotic, however their reputation for predicting the weather came about in the United States. Their dual association between Northern […]

Exploring your neighborhood promises surprises. Set out on foot. One positive change taking place across the globe is our having extra time to be present in our surroundings. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate our predecessors’ past. Whether you are descended from the culture that lived in your area, or you are […]

Taking time to watch ducks bathing in a lake is therapeutic. The less time we have with human contact opens the door to connecting with nature. Observing animals without an ego or self-consciousness reminds of all of who we are inside.

Adorable Pooches around the Globe are Sleeping Later every day. With nowhere to go, and not much to do, the concept of time has morphed into a new form of unlimited relaxation. The question is, will students wake in time for school this Fall? What will become of the isolated generation?