Jan Wilder Bill photographed by Gail DamanJ Wilder Bill’s publications include case law, and documentary scripts featuring spiritual leaders. Her articles and blog topics include the elements of fantasy, writer’s tips, travel reviews, and healthful eating to heal the planet.

J Wilder Bill’s artistic accomplishments grace newspapers and magazines. Her speaking engagements consist of legal and writers’ seminars. She teaches online writing workshops.

J Wilder Bill writes romance suspense novels and motivational works. Her inspiration comes from traveling the world, soaking up sun rays on watery escapades, and seeking out vegan dishes in every culture to satisfy her love of purple food. She lives among lush beaches with powdery sand and is surrounded by sloppy doggy kisses.


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Lofty Writing Strategies by Larry Loftis

Contemporary nonfiction writers give an unwritten promise to expose unknown facts about people and events, however, international best selling author, Larry Loftis delivers titillating secrets of larger than life characters. In his biography Code Name: Lise, Loftis shares the incredible life of World War II spy, Odette Sansom.  Loftis takes his time in selecting who …